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As a Fire Chief, my job was to oversee the safety of my community. This was by attending and suppressing fires, assisting at scenes of horrific crashes or working in the community after a major disaster had occurred. This program that I am presenting deals with the part of disasters.

As we extinguish the fire, what is going to happen to the structure when we leave. We are trained to a tee how to suppress fires. However, no classes are taught to alleviate the damaged structure so that young children or gangs won’t enter into it, and create more issues.

This program is intended to change the culture of the fire service. We are going to go through the issues that each and everyone in the Fire Service has experienced. Leaving the structure open to the public is not safe. As we discuss the program, we won’t get into any particular restoration company procedures or if specific restoration companies are good, bad, or ugly. We are going to discuss what the “right thing to do is.”  We will bring in such ordinances as the Attractive Nuisance Ordinance that is in most communities.

We are going discuss the issues of concern that some may have about asking for a restoration company to be called in. And lastly, we are going talk about the feelings and mindset of the victims.Would it be safe to let them take care of the structure? In most cases, absolutely not!

When our program is done, it is hoped that those in attendance will understand how this culture needs to transition into more modern times. Or in some cases, going back to the old way of doing things, like helping your neighbor. We will discuss the ways and means of getting a company who will board up the facility.

We will discuss the importance of getting a reputable company. One that you can trust to do the right thing every time. This is so important. It’s an issue that weighs on my mind after finding out that not all fire departments will see that the buildings in their jurisdiction are not properly closed off or in other words, boarded up. It’s also hopeful the fire departments will begin planning on who and how they intend on using for their companies in their fire areas.

Finally, it is hoped that all victims of disaster get the proper attention to have their valuables contained within the burned out structure due to the proper board up companies being used. The fire department must stop and take the lead on this issue.

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