After serving 42 years in the fire service, 34 of those as Fire Chief, I'm concentrating on informing communities on what it takes to clean up, make safe and recover from a fire or a disaster.

My goal is to inform every Fire Chief of their duty to abate attractive nuisances in their fire coverage area after a fire.

I Inform Communities and Fire Departments

Fires and Disasters are Cleaned Up Timely and Safely

Children and Families Have Easier, Safer Recoveries

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This program is intended to change the culture of the fire service. We are going to go through the issues that each and everyone in the Fire Service has experienced. Leaving the structure open to the public is not safe.

Who Accepts Liability

As public servants, whether fire or police, we have a duty to inform victims they are responsible to protect their property as well as the general public, especially children.

This protection includes boarding up of the home they just lost or the fencing of the property to keep the neighborhood out. They must take the necessary steps and precautions to avoid an attractive nuisance.